Scars Removed (Professional)

  • Ozy

    I sort of understand. My scars are in a direffent place, but were no less traumatic. I nearly lost my foot in a car accident just over a year ago and the ten inch scar that runs from the top of my foot to the heel is pretty impressive. I just had a second surgery to reconstruct and relieve pain, and now I’ll have a matching scar on the outside of my foot, as well as a staple line under my heel. For now it’s all covered in a cast and will be for the next eight weeks or so. But I remember feeling my progress attached to how that first scar changed in appearance. From angry and ugly and jagged, to smoother, softer, and a testimony to what I triumphed over. I continue to pray for you, Julie, as you make this journey. I know how much a difference it made to me that not just was I resting safely in the hands of my Lord and Savior, but that His saints were praying for me. Hugs to you. 🙂