10 Easy Ways for Effective Advocacy

10 Easy Ways for Effective Advocacy

You have a magnificent cause that you are dedicated to because it motivates you in ways that no other topic does. Maybe this cause represents change you want to see in the world or perhaps you couldn’t imagine being in the shoes of someone who this cause represents. Another possibility is that a loved one is involved and you just want to support him or her? You have the heart which means you have the potential to reach out to thousands of others with similar interests to provoke a positive change in the world. All it takes is one person to create change in the world.


1. Join online groups or an in-person organization! If you are passionate about a subject, chances are that many others share your interest. When you meet people who dedicate their time to a cause, you will find that you may have more in common with them than the very idea you are joined by.


2. Activism, Slacktivism! When you see your comrades create a campaign, support it! While many people don’t believe in the effectiveness in online activism, loosely dubbed as “slacktivism”, awareness about your cause can reach out to others who may be interested (or who may share out recognition that it is an issue that should be known).


3. Share your story. Depending on what your passion is, it may take awhile to open up about why you are dedicated to the cause but once you feel like you are in a safe surrounding let other group members know why this topic is dear to you. Not only does it tell people why you chose to spend time on this cause, it can create a bond with those around you who hold your similar position.


Your voice is your worldwide platform.4. You’ve got answers… or opinions, anyway! When people have questions relating to the group’s cause, don’t feel shy about chiming in. While your answers may not be reflective of years researching the matter, your opinions and experiences may just be the knowledge that others are seeking out.


5. Believe in ‘The Power of One”.  Remember hearing about the Six Degrees of Separation? How we are connected globally to everyone by “a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend”? This means that you alone have the potential to reach out to anyone in the world you want with the right help and connections. Technology along with social media has given us a firestorm of opportunities to get our messages out there!


6. Tweet, Share, Invite, Tumble. Whatever your preference is for social media websites, pass on your reputable groups’ online requests and information. There is strength in numbers and any great movement has been started by one person who stood up, stood out, and declared a need for change and awareness.


7. Empowerment. It may be as simple as sending someone in your inner circle a “great job!” note, but encouraging your fellow connoisseur or celebrating with him/ her through a brief message can make all of the difference in the world! For that person, it reinforces the good that s/he is doing and motivates that person to continue fight for what’s right!


8. Donate. It’s not just about the money (not to understate the importance of the mighty dollar) but it’s also about volunteering your time to help out your like-minded group of new friends. You can also offer up skills and resources to a group that represents the cause in order to help boost the efficacy of the organization.


9. Become a blogger. This is your chance to share your exact thoughts on the subject at hand with others like yourself! Writing down your position on the matter is not only cathartic, it’s validating to your followers. From your own computer, you have 100% say in the matter, representing yourself; it is up to you what you wish to divulge but know that you are making a difference with the very unique makeup that led you to your opinions.


10. Never give up! You’ve done all of the above, created posters and called around, and you just don’t think your enlightening message is coming across to your potential audience. The truth is, in some shape or form, it really is. You may not be able to rally more than 5 new people to your cause or commitment but in the future if your message has gotten to someone else, then when that person comes across someone else with your passion, they will remember you! Not how to contact you exactly or where you live but you will become a reference point which will make a difference in someone else’s life.


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