BFRB Ribbons for Awareness Week!

BFRB Ribbons for Awareness Week!

With support for Dermatillomania, Trichotillomania, and other BFRB’s expanding worldwide a new awareness ribbon that represents this community has been established! Not only do these green with blue ribbons help to raise more awareness, they help us all connect to each other “in the real world”. Just pin one on your backpack or on an article of outdoor clothing and you send out a visual message that you believe people with BFRB’s need more resources for treatment, support, and medical recognition!


The week we’ve been waiting for is coming up! BFRB Awareness Week is Oct. 1st-7th and there are plenty of ways to raise awareness! Getting your own ribbon is a fabulous start to show the world that you will not be ashamed of having Trichotillomania or Dermatillomania!


There are two simple ways to get your BFRB ribbons. Due to being loyal to the Trichotillomania Learning Center (TLC) and my affiliation with the Canadian BFRB Support Network (CBSN), I can’t limit my exposure to just one organization. Here is why you should purchase your ribbon from each organization:




With being the very first BFRB organization worldwide, TLC has provided support to thousands of sufferers across the globe. Proceeds from these ribbons go back into the organization to continue funding research, resources, education, and support systems.

Each ribbon costs $2.50 USD and can be purchased from anywhere in the world! Foreign taxes may apply.




1239629_386300004830263_108625952_nThe #1 goal for CBSN is to obtain funding like TLC has so we can support Canadians suffering from BFRB’s. With being strictly a voluntary organization at the moment, ALL proceeds from the ribbons go toward building a successful non-profit.

Each ribbon costs $3.00 CDN and can be purchased in North America. For bulk prices, 5 ribbons cost $13.75 CDN, 10 ribbons cost $25.00 CDN



For the many ways you can participate in BFRB Awareness week, read TLC’s list of ways to show your support, sufferer or supporter!

You can help me out with my goal by contacting Dr. Phil and asking him to have me on his show, also telling him that it’s BFRB Awareness week, which includes awareness for Dermatillomania.


A flood of posts, information, updates, tips, and motivation will be provided week-long to celebrate our coming together and educating each other, friends, family, medical field, and citizens of the world. Here is where you can keep updated:


Trichotillomania Learning Center | Facebook | Twitter

Canadian BFRB Support Network | Facebook | Twitter

Skin Picking Support | Facebook | Twitter

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