Conference and DVD Cover for “Scars of Shame”

Conference and DVD Cover for "Scars of Shame"

Although I will be at the hotel in New Jersey from April 18th- 21st for the TLC conference, the busy day for me will be April 20th. Everything seems to be scheduled on that day for me; I am facilitating 2 workshops, will be on a panel for parents to ask adult skin pickers/ puller questions for the Trichster documentary, and be there for a viewing with Q&A on our documentary!

I have not fully decided which workshops I’ll be going to as an attendee, but I know there are many that go on at the same time and I can’t be at them all at once. I wish I could, so the decisions will be hard to make about which ones I can personally benefit from the most. The workshop information can be seen here… don’t miss out on this conference!

Saturday, April 20

1:00pm – 2:15pm:
Tickets to Happiness, Angela Hartlin
For children 13 and under
Finding activities that build self-esteem is vital to helping us feel better about ourselves!  In this workshop, kids will choose “tickets” that list various activities that we either like to do or would like to try.  Once the tickets are given out, we will paste the tickets onto a piece of paper that will help us remember the things that make us happy, and when we feel stressed or anxious or sad, we can turn to our list for ideas on how to relieve anxiety. This list will also give parents insight into motivations for their children.

2:30 – 3:45pm:
Panel: Picking & Pulling from the Inside Out, Moderated by Jennifer Raikes
For Parents, Partners and Support Persons
This session will be filmed! Only those who have signed a waiver to participate in the documentary film, Trichster, may participate.

Many parents and family members feel overwhelmed by their loved one’s behavior, finding it hard to understand both the underlying drivers and the physical experience of pulling or picking. This workshop will provide parents, partners and other support persons an opportunity to ask a wide range of questions about things that were helpful -and harmful – growing up as a child/adolescent with these problems and learn how best to support their loved one working to recover from these behaviors.

4:15 – 5:30pm:
Fearing Intimacy, Angela Hartlin
This workshop is for adults 18 and over. Intimacy can be a frightening idea for a sufferer of a BFRB. When the time comes to find a partner, it can be daunting because the sufferer must learn how to be open about their insecurities, be honest about all feelings, and engage interpersonally to help a relationship blossom. In an open forum, we will talk about what it means to be intimate with another person. Intimacy of physical and emotional natures will be the focus of this workshop; having an honest discussion about these feelings many of us are ashamed to have accompanying our BFRBs can help identify specific issues so we can come up with solutions and bring clarity to them.

8:30- 10pm:
“Scars of Shame” Documentary Film Screening
Join us for the premiere of the first skin picking documentary! In the film, Angela Hartlin, author of Forever Marked: A Dermatillomania Diary, invites us into her world for an intimate portrait of her daily struggles as she deals with skin picking disorder. A brief Q & A will follow the 46. minute film. Parental discretion is advised.

Scars of Shame DVD Cover
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Please, join the Scars of Shame Facebook page to support us, offer feedback, and keep updated with details of its progress. You have no idea how much every “like”, “share”, and comment means to me! If you would like to “pin” this image to your pinterest account (I’m still getting the hang of it, slowly) the link is provided here.

This is my life being exposed and I need the allies as my nerves are starting to increase with worry and fear. I need you all. <3

UPDATE: I am also going to be on the panel for the last session that takes place on Sunday, discussing my success with living happily despite having Dermatillomania!

10:30am- 11:45am
Closing Session: Faces of Success
Successful recovery is why we are all here…but what does that mean? Hear inspiring stories of real success and learn how to recognize what success means for you. This is the final and often most powerful event of the weekend. Join all conference attendees as we wrap up our experiences and prepare to return home feeling motivated to continue walking the path to recovery.



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