The First Dermatillomania Interview on TV

This is the first interview on TV about Dermatillomania, the skin picking disorder. It first aired on CTV’s “Live at 5” on Dec. 8th, 2009, in North America. It also promotes the book I wrote on this topic, “FOREVER MARKED: A Dermatillomania Diary”.

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  • RuthAnna

    I found this site by accident and am so thankful. I have suffered from this condition for decades, from the age of four. I am now 59. The stories we could share… As an otherwise pretty women people have never understood many aspects of my life. Why I wore makeup on my body for instance, before there was body tan products. If I couldn’t avoid a dress or skirt why I wore two pairs of pantyhose. So rarely have I worn shorts or short sleeves in my life, regardless of how warm the weather. So I didn’t participate in many of lifes activities most children and teens take for granted. Dating? Hardly. I am more content living more isolated and in social situations at my control. Im friendly and articulate, appear strong and self reliant but I keep most relationships at arms length. The layers of scars and a few extra pounds make a beautiful woman merely pretty, an intelligent woman merely bright. Someone one could fall in love with, everyone’s great friend… I have had periods of abstention, some rather lengthy, but it is still a problem today. There is always a spot somewhere, like an emergency pressure release valve. I’ve thought this a life long issue, but perhaps I can now rethink that and enter my 60’s truly stronger and clear. I will be checking in often. Thank you again for the blessing you have given myself and Im certain many others as well.