Sentimental Wedding Vows – Angela Hartlin

I married my very best friend on April 15th, 2014. I felt it was important to personalize just how lucky I was to have him and tell the world all that he has done for me in the last 4 years.

I have a chronic case of a disorder called Excoriation Disorder (Dermatillomania) which causes me to pick at my skin compulsively. In my earlier years it caused me significant emotional distress which prompted me to publish my memoir, FOREVER MARKED: A Dermatillomania Diary right before I met my husband, which the passage I start off with is what I’m reciting from.

He has created my website and encourages me to continue down my path of advocacy with no negative judgments. He is proud of me and contributes to the cause whenever he can. He is not disgusted by my scars and he accepts me for who I am, even if I am never rid of this taboo condition.