“The Doctors”- Compulsive Skin Picking

Angela Hartlin appears on CBS’ emmy- award daytime talk show “The Doctors” talking about her experience with compulsive skin picking (aka Dermatillomania). She gets a surprise from top specialist, Karen Pickett…

Aired on March 6th, 2015


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  • Fani Perlander

    I too was diagnosed with pickers disease. I also have excema, and prurigo. I scratch without even knowing I’m doing it. I’m scarred just as bad. My arms are horrible. I just can’t stop.

  • Kala

    Good job Angela. I didn’t much care for how Dr. Ordon went on about you harming yourself, as if you thought you were making your skin better by picking….duh. I emailed them about that. There’s a fine line between self harm and harming oneself as a repercussion of obsessive grooming.

    You go girl. They should have let you plug your doc and book better. Regardless, I hope OCDLA helps.

  • Tricia Drover

    Thank-you so much for being such an inspiring and brave face for this frustrating and consuming disorder. You are making the world a better place.
    And I completely agree with Kala’s comments; Dr. Ordon didn’t get it at all. Obviously we know this scars, the thing behind compulsive behaviour is that the consequences don’t matter to us when we get the urges. I think his comments sounded a little ignorant, to be completely honest.
    But everything else was amazing 🙂 Well done!