Skin Picking Support

Welcome! This is a website by Angela Hartlin to rally other sufferers of the medical condition Dermatillomania to provide support, information, and to bring awareness to this disorder worldwide. It offers resources to learn about the disorder and strategies to living a healthy life while facing the struggles and stigma surrounding Dermatillomania.

It is also a guide to Angela’s journey in her advocacy and personal experiences with Dermatillomania. It outlines information about her book, “FOREVER MARKED: A Dermatillomania Diary”, how she contributes to the mental health community, and her upcoming projects to bring about awareness with the goal of having this disorder become known in the mental health community as well as the general public.

She loves to hear feedback about her book and website. Content, links, and webpage development will be updated continuously. If there are any resources you would like to share with Angela, please e-mail her at

Remember, you are NOT alone in this struggle and she will update Skin Picking Support regularly through her blog to provide you with ways that you can help out the cause and find peace in yourself while dealing with this isolating disorder.