A quick guide to the best websites with information about, or relevant to, excoriation disorder:

Non-Profit Organizations

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Top 12 Roadblocks to Recovery – A 14 page free ebook OCD Center of LA has published explaining the top roadblocks to recovery for a skin picker with tips on how to overcome them.

The ComB Model & SCAMP – devised by Dr. Charles Mansueto, these evidence-based practices detail a method of understanding and highlighting the complexity of BFRBs, the range of variables that contribute to the growth and persistence of these disorders, and the differing mix of factors that underlie each person’s BFRB.

The ABC’s of Skin Picking – Based off of a 2006 workshop with Dr. Mansueto, Karen Pickett created her version of his skin picking classification system.

Skin Picking Log – A free downloadable skin picking log from Picking Me Foundation for those with excoriation disorder and professionals that helps the skin picker become more aware of their patterns.

Cognitive Distortions – Learn about common cognitive distortions that are used with permission-giving statements for compulsive skin picking.

Breathing Exercises – “10 Easy Breathing Exercises for Anxiety” to help reduce baseline levels of anxiety and promote relaxation.

An Overview of ACT – ACT trainer Russell Harris distills the essential components of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) into a simple framework, with case studies to help illustrate the theory and practice of ACT.

Dermatillomania VS Self-Harm – A breakdown of why compulsive skin picking is not a self-harming behavior.

Independent Sites

Skin Picking Support – an online community that provides resources to educate and spread awareness for body-focused repetitive behaviors (BFRBs) while offering insight into Angela Hartlin’s recovery journey.

Skin Pick – An online therapy site with professionals who have been trained through TLC’s Professional Training Institutte (PTI)

Obsessive Skin Pickers Anonymous (OSPA) – A support group whose meetings are based off of a modified version of the 12 Steps program for alcoholics



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Know Your BFRBs

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