Scars of Shame


sosScars of Shame is the first documentary to examine the skin picking disorder, dermatillomania. Many individuals with this compulsion live with embarrassment and shame from the marks it leaves on the skin and the inability to stop. This educational film delves into the details of this mental illness, explores possibilities for recovery from body-focused repetitive behaviors (BFRBs), and provides insights from leading experts, including researchers, professors, and psychologists.

Angela Hartlin, author of FOREVER MARKED: A Dermatillomania Diary, shares her experiences with dermatillomania through interviews, life-style coverage and personal video diary footage.

Documentary Leading BFRB professionals Dr. Charles Mansueto, Dr. Fred Penzel, Dr. Douglas Woods, Dr. Christina Noble, and Dr. Suzanne Mouton- Odum share their expertise in Scars of Shame, including in an extensive special features section. Learn of other stories through conference attendees Doug, Rahel, Molly, and Stephen speaking out about their struggle with compulsive skin picking. Jude Stevenson and TLC board member Dana Marie Flores share their detailed stories in the special features. TLC’s founder Christina Pearson discusses how the non-profit organization began and offers insight into her recovery from BFRBs.

Scars of Shame is a comprehensive documentary highlighting treatment options, research, and the impact that this stigmatizing disorder has on Angela’s life, along with thousands of others around the world.

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