Scars of Shame


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Scars of Shame is the first documentary to examine the skin picking disorder, Dermatillomania (aka “Excoriation Disorder”). Many individuals with this condition live with it in isolation and shame. This educational film will increase your knowledge of this disorder, explores possibilities for recovery from Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors (BFRBs), and provides insights from the world’s top professionals such as leading researchers, professors, and psychologists. Angela Hartlin is dedicated to raising awareness and disseminating facts about Dermatillomania and other BFRBs to health care professionals, educators, parents, and the general public while rallying the medical and mental health communities to learn about these disorders. This film contains a large amount of material including interviews, life-style coverage and video diary footage from Angela’s perspective.

DocumentaryProfessionals featured in the film include TLC Advisory Board members Dr. Charles Mansueto, Dr. Fred Penzel, Dr. Douglas Woods, and Dr. Suzanne Mouton- Odum to provide you with the most accurate information about Excoriation Disorder. TLC members Dana Marie Flores, Doug, Rahel, Molly, and Stephen speak out about their struggle with compulsive skin picking and how it affects their everyday lives. TLC Founder Christina Pearson discusses how TLC came to be while offering insight into her recovery from BFRBs. Scars of Shame is a comprehensive 5 star documentary highlighting treatment options, research, and the impact that this stigmatizing disorder has on Angela’s life.

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