Aside from her memoir FOREVER MARKED: A Dermatillomania Diary and upcoming book Embracing Dermatillomania: My Skin Picking Recovery, Angela Hartlin has also written various articles about Dermatillomania and other Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors (BFRBs):

The Mighty: How Dermatillomania Affected My Life (2016)

Yahoo!: I Had To Go On National Television… (2016) [1]

The Mighty: Appearing on “The Doctors” Got Me Help… (2016) [1]

Wake-Up World: Do You Compulsively Pick Your Skin? (2016)

Collective Evolution: Why Skin Picking Is More Than… (2016)

Huffington Post: We Need Trudeau to Stand Up… (2016)

NAMI: When No One Knows You’re Suffering (2015)

Huffington Post: My Advocacy of a Silent Disorder… (2015) [1]

Huffington Post: I’ll Be the First to Admit… (2013)

Anxiety In Teens: One Woman’s Story (2012)


She has also been featured in:

The Fulcrum: Wearing Your Illness on Your Sleeve (2017)

US News & World Report: Understanding Body-Focused… (2015) Who is Angela Hartlin? (2015)

Stop Skin Picking Coach: Q&A With Angela Hartlin (2013)

The Canadian Press (2013)


Articles featuring Angela have also been republished on The Daily Mail, The Star, Mirror, as well as several International sites and published in multiple languages worldwide. To see videos featuring Angela, check out her YouTube channel and subscribe.

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