Since many of us with Dermatillomania have limited resources in our daily lives to combat the challenges we face, going online to forums can be enough to boost our hope to coping with, and healing from, this skin picking disorder. These forums below are the most active ones on the internet:

  • StopPickingOnMe - StopPickingOnMe’s forum that has been alive and well for many years, providing support for sufferers. Highly recommended.
  • CSP Support - Livejournal’s community- it was the first forum I ever visited to talk about my experiences.
  • Skin Pick Forum – David Florendale’s forum to his website
  • Experience Project - Over 1000 members sharing their stories about living with Dermatillomania. Searching “Dermatillomania” in the search bar, there are more groups as well for sufferers.
  • Pickaderms – An active Yahoo forum with nearly 2000 members