These links are ones that provide information about Dermatillomania. We need to understand and keep up with the research world to make sure we are getting the most out of treatments available. Knowledge is power!

  • Trichotillomania Learning Center (TLC) – Chronic Skin Picking detailed and defined at the best support center the world has to offer on Dermatillomania.
  • TLC’s Brochure – TLC offers a brochure on the FAQ regarding Skin Picking.
  • Brain Physics– An article by Dr. Ted Grossbart, a pioneer in understanding and treating skin picking.
  • OCD Center of LA – Information, access to a skin picking test, and an option for online/ telephone therapy.
  • Top 12 Roadblocks to Recovery – A 14 page free ebook OCD Center of LA has published explaining the top roadblocks to recovery for a skin picker with tips on how to overcome them.
  • Band Back Together – Learning about the classifications Dermatillomania falls under.
  • LIVESTRONG – Various articles about skin picking.
  • Psychology Today– A neat article titled “Life with Dermatillomania- 5 things sufferers want you to know
  • Normal Behavior or Mental Illness? – Written by expert Dr. Marla Deibler explaining the fine lines between skin picking being a grooming behavior VS. a disorder.